Tabb Textile Company Inc. is a family-owned business, so we provide more than just high-quality products. We also work at building relationships with our customers. Through our extensive supply chain, highly productive operations, industry experience, and sizable inventory, we are able to deliver the best quality at an affordable price.

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Tabb Textile Company Inc.

About Tabb Textile Company Inc.

Mill Direct Prices from Trusted Suppliers Across the Globe

Mill Direct Prices from Trusted Suppliers Across the Globe

Tabb Textiles Company Inc. is able to offer the best prices and product because of our strategic relationship with quality mills both domestically and abroad. We’re proud to have long-term partnerships with mills in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and China as well as here in the U.S. in Tennessee, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

From buying and spinning yarn to knitting, weaving, bleaching, and dyeing the final products, you can rely on every step of our supply chain. By importing container loads full of fabric and linens, Tabb Textile Company Inc. can scale to meet the high demand of any customer. Our partners and ourselves have been doing this for years, and we’re going to continue providing great products for decades to come.

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Tabb Textile Company Inc's Core Values

Commitment To Customers

Commitment To Customers

Customer loyalty and reputation come first. Customers are part of the Tabb family and it’s more than just a for profit business.


Employee Satisfaction

Team oriented-environment is critical to our success. Employee health, growth, and overall well-being are essential for happy, high performing employees.

Quality Products
& Service

Quality Products & Service

Customized to each specific market. Top-notch, consistent quality and service is expected.


Contant Improvement

Customer, employee, and supplier feedback is invaluable to our growth. Adding new products and expanding market share presence by working with everyone along the entire value chain is critical.

Corporate Social Responsibilities

Agency Partners

Tabb Textile Company, Inc. is proud to partner with NIB, Source America, and Correctional Industries to provide raw materials for final textile products. These agencies provide vital services. NIB hires legally blind workers. Source America Hires people with disabilities. Correctional Industries uses inmate labor, which helps in rehabilitation by providing a valuable skill that can lead to gainful employment after their release.

We partner with the following agencies, providing the needed materials at facilities across the USA: